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About Us

We are Vos Consulting

Wir sind ein erfahrenes Beratungsunternehmen mit fundierter Expertise in den Bereichen Service-Optimierung, Verkaufs-Optimierung Change-Management, Projekt-Management und Entwicklung von Führungskräften.

From Consulting stands for a young, motivated team. As a source of inspiration, we work closely and trustingly with you, create clarity and promote your progress in all aspects of your company. We offer you tailor-made solutions, answers to your questions and support you according to your needs and individually.

What defines us?

Many faces. Multifaceted Personalities. Versatile know-how.

Highly motivated and with a lot of passion, we focus on customer needs, develop individual solutions with an eye for detail and offer answers to questions about your career.

We are versatile islands of competence, use synergies for our daily work and achieve the best possible results for our customers through exchange and teamwork.

What keeps us together?

Team spirit. Flat hierarchies. Open communication.

We are united by our passion for people, stories and language.

Together we look forward to success and spur each other on to successfully master new challenges

You benefit from this as a customer!

We are your personal advisor, coach, initiator, enabler.

We are your direct contact for everything to do with your career and all advice.

We work hand in hand - in a team and with you - to offer an all-round carefree package.
Trust in your personal co-pilot and benefit from our satisfaction guarantee.


Bring your business into thedigital ageand increase
Herproductivityandsales figures!


Profitieren Sie von unseren innovativen Erfolgsstrategien

You have the choice to commission us quickly, flexibly and exactly according to your needs.

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"Jessica Rieger"

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Wir freuen uns auf Sie!

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